Huawei ban USA Google Android alternative

Huawei is the Chinese tech company which has been the victim of US-China trade war and the politics involved. Following Trump’s decision of blacklisting, there is a Huawei ban in effect by most of the US companies, including Google.

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All of the Google apps and Android updates from upcoming Huawei devices have been removed, which has brought trouble for everyone. There are reports of Huawei developing its own OS, but it is getting delayed. Let us look at what is the scenario with Huawei ban now and how are they fighting it.

Huawei Ban effects

Huawei ban USA Google Android alternative

In effect from May 20, Google removed the access of Huawei from using Android OS, apps, and security updates. Intel, Qualcomm, ARM, and Bluetooth-WiFi universal standard operators have also taken action to support the Huawei ban. It has affected the market of Huawei as most of the world uses Android phones and other OS are almost irrelevant. Huawei ban had forced the makers to come up with their own operating system.

They are self-dependent

Huawei ban USA Google Android alternative

The officials at Huawei are saying that they had expected such things in the future and were prepared for it. Huawei is a multi-branch operation; it doesn’t just make smartphones. It is known that Huawei makes their own chipsets and now will produce other software needed too.

There are reports that the company is making its own ARM processors and Oracle type database following the Huawei ban. The officials are assuring their users that the company is self-reliant, and the ban doesn’t affect them much.

Huawei OS Progress report


Following the Huawei ban, the company is coming up with its own OS and updates. Hongmeng OS is in development at Huawei, and if reports are to be believed, the work started last year. The makers say that they were also aware of the future, but Google banning Huawei was a shock to them.

As of right now, the Huawei ban will come into full effect by August 2019. Huawei will be rolling out its OS from next month, and will fully release it before the banning process is finished.