It is possible to watch One Piece online, and that too legally. Here’s a quick guide for anybody who wants to stream the latest episode of the anime.

The One Piece series has become much more than a simple anime. The anime series is known for its passionate characters, rich world-building, and action-packed adventures and has touched the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. The fact that it is still one of the most popular animes, 25 years after its debut, is a testament to the anime’s engaging storylines and unique characters.

How to watch One Piece Anime online
Over the years, the show has added a vast cast and wonderful characters.

One Piece is the longest-running anime and has produced 15 Anime movies, 20 OVAs along with 1000+ anime episodes over the years. If you’re trying to get caught up, here’s our guide on which streaming platforms you can stream the One Piece series:


Is One Piece streaming on Netflix?

Netflix does have the pirate world anime in its vast streaming catalog. Although not all the episodes are on the platform, Netflix has been adding more seasons to its library.

How many seasons of One Piece are on Netflix?

According to Netflix, It has 13 seasons – totaling 325 episodes – available to stream on Netflix. When you actually look at the One Piece seasons, Netflix has less than nine seasons of the anime. It’s just a matter of how they repackaged it.

These are the Seasons and the arcs available on Netflix:

East Blue, Arabasta
Season Arc Episodes No. of Episodes
1 East Blue 1-61 61
2 Entering the Grand Line 62-77 16
3 Enter Chopper at the Winter Island 78-91 15
4 Alabasta 92-130 38
 Sky Island ( Filler)
Season Arc Episodes No. of Episodes
5 Filler 131-143 13
6 Skypiea 144-173 30
7 The Golden Bell 174-195 22
Water 7 ( Filler )
Season Arc Episodes No. of Episodes
8 The Naval Fortress 196-207 11
9 The Foxy Pirate Crew 208-228 22
10 Water 7 229-263 35
Enies Lobby, CP9, Goodbye Going Merry
Season Arc Episodes No. of Episodes
11 Enies Lobby 264-284 21
12 CP9 285-306 22
13 Goodbye Going, Merry 307-325 19

Which One Piece movies are on Netflix?

Along with the 325 episodes of the anime, there are four movies on Netflix that are available to stream:

  • One Piece 
  • One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura[edit]
  • One Piece Film: Strong World
  •  One Piece Film: Z 

One of the biggest Netflix Original shows coming in 2023 is the live-action adaptation of the One Piece anime. It could release in June of 2023. The last time they adapted an anime into a live-action title was the Death Note movie starring Willam Dafoe.

How to watch one piece on netflix
Netflix will release a 10-episode season this June. | ©Netflix

Before the live-action premiere, we can assume that Netflix will add more episodes of the anime to its catalog.


All the seasons of the TV anime are available to stream on Crunchyroll, and new episodes come out each week as they air in Japan. Currently, the anime has over 1050 episodes, and all the episodes available on Crunchyroll are in the English subbed version. The new episodes are released 90 minutes after they air in Japan.

If you’re looking for the English dub for One Piece episodes, they are available to stream on Funimation. But with the recent merger of Crunchyroll and Funimation, we might soon see all Funimation content on Crunchyroll. At the time of writing, the latest episode with an English dub on Funimation is Episode 928, so it will likely take a few months before it catches up with the recent episodes in Japanese.

Crunchyroll fan membership costs $7.99 a month while the mega-fan tier subscription costs $9.99 a month.

How to watch One Piece series online
©Toei Animation


This hit anime can be streamed on Hulu as well. The streaming giant only has the English dub version of the episodes on its platform.