Nezuko Kamado is one of the deuteragonists in Demon Slayer. She’s the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado, who got attacked by Muzan and became a demon. Since she became a demon, fans have questioned Nezuko’s age.

Since she has two forms, human and demon, we’ll clear your confusion regarding her age. So, without further ado, let’s find out!

Nezuko’s History

Nezuko grew up in the mountains with her loving family and her brother, Tanjiro Kamado. She’s the eldest daughter of the Kamado family, and being the eldest; she proved herself by taking care of her younger siblings and serving as an assistant to her mother.

Since the Kamado family was poor, Nezuko had to abandon her desires, like new clothes, so her siblings had enough food to eat.

Nezuko history
Nezuko childhood

Nezuko Kamado loved her siblings dearly before her family’s death. But Muzan came and attacked the Kamado family, which resulted in the death of Tanjiro’s mother and siblings, excluding Nezuko.

Nezuko could have died a fatal death, but Muzan turned her into a demon instead! After becoming a demon, she tried to attack her brother, but she quickly returned to her senses and ended up defending Tanjiro when Giyu (Hashira) was trying to attack him.

After Nezuko’s awakening, Tanjiro was advised by Giyu to find a man called Sakonji Urokodaki. On his way, he goes to his deceased family and pays his respects to them.

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Since the sun was about to rise, Nezuko ran inside a cave, and Tanjiro built a box to carry Nezuko.

Appearance & Personality

Nezuko is a fragile young girl with pale skin, and in her demon form, she has long fangs along with sharp nails. She has long black hair with orange flame-like colored tips which pass her elbows.

Nezuko has pink eyes that are light around her irises and long eyelashes. In her hometown, Nezuko was known to be such a beauty. She had an innocent face and beautiful features that got the attention of many people around her.

Nezuko in Demon Slayer
Dressing style

Regarding her clothes, Nezuko wears a pink Kimono with a hemp leaf pattern and dark brown haori reaching her calves. Talking about her personality, Nezuko is a kind and caring individual who would never mean to harm anyone intentionally.

She always had pure intentions toward everyone and took great care of her siblings to the extent of abandoning her desires. That’s why she served as an assistant to her mother.

After Nezuko became a demon, she became bloodthirsty, but her love for the family was so deep that she never harmed Tanjiro. Instead, she saved him multiple times. Overall, Nezuko is one of the most interesting characters in Demon Slayer.

Nezuko’s Age

Nezuko became a demon after getting attacked by Muzan. She was only 12 years old when this incident occurred. Shortly after the incident, she turned into a demon! (Chapter 1 and Chapter 5). However, this didn’t affect her appearance much.

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Nezuko Demon Slayer age
Approximate age

Since Nezuko has two forms, human and demon, there will be two types of age for her. One will be physical age, and the other will be chronological age. Let’s discuss them!

Nezuko’s Physical Age

There’s not much difference between Nezuko’s ordinary form and demon form, but she has surely become stronger and more sturdy than before. Nezuko Kamado has become immortal!

Nezuko in Demon Slayer age
Nezuko in Demon Slayer

Nezuko’s physical age is 12 years old because she died at that age. Nezuko Kamado is known to be only one year younger than her elder brother, Tanjiro Kamado.

At the start of the first chapter and the end of the fifth chapter, two years have passed for Nezuko, and her age changes when she becomes a demon! So, let’s talk about her chronological age now!

Nezuko’s Chronological Age

Nezuko became a demon in the very first chapters of Demon Slayer, and after becoming one, we’re going to talk about how it affected her age! When Muzan attacked her, she was only 12 years old but two years have passed since her death yet Nezuko is still stuck physically at 12 years old.

However, after becoming a demon, her age changed and she became 14 years old! That’s why Nezuko’s chronological age will be 14! Nezuko in Demon Slayer is only one year younger than her elder brother.

Nezuko’s Importance in Muzan’s Eyes

Muzan used to be weak; he didn’t cry after being born. His heart stopped beating several times inside her mother’s womb. Thus, he had a short lifespan of about 20 years when he grew up.

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But a doctor gave him a prototype medicine, but it was too late. Muzan killed him since his condition got worse after taking the prototype. Muzan became much more powerful and bloodthirsty as well.

Muzan Eyes Demon Slayer
Muzan Eyes

His only main concern was that he couldn’t walk in the Sun due to becoming a demon. That’s why he created many demons who will find the final piece of medicine for him.

He didn’t know about the Spider Lily medicine and wanted other demons to find it for him. This was the reason why he turned Nezuko into a demon.

So How Old is Nezuko?

So, the question “How old is Nezuko” still lingers in the minds of the readers of Demon Slayer. Nezuko’s physical age is 12, while her chronological age is 14. I hope you guys cleared out the confusion and found out about Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer as much as possible.

Ever since her first appearance in the anime, she became stronger, more beautiful, and smarter. At some point in the manga, she started talking and got her human senses back.

Nezuko is one of the best waifus/demons/humans in the anime! Do let us know your thoughts about her in the comments down below!

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