Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz Happens On Twitter After Clint Capela and Rudy Gobert Troll Each Other

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    NBA offseason might not have any real games but the war of words is still going between many players. The latest stiff happened between Clint Capela from Houston Rockets and Rudy Gobert of Utah Jazz. Capela is currently playing for his home country Switzerland team to help them qualify in the FIBA world cup 2019.

    In order to do that, Capela was practicing his shooting from the deep. He was having a hard time throwing three-pointers and kind of missed most of the shots. A video of that missed shots came online and Gobert started trolling Capela on Twitter. Then a war of words started and both players challenged each other. It has hyped up the upcoming Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz NBA game and fans can’t wait to see that.

    Capela and Gobert – Twitter War

    NBA Capela and Gobert War

    The whole issue started when Clint Capela made a tweet in July as he was practicing his shots. Capela wrote that everybody can shoot in July at the last date of the month.

    After that, the video of Capela missing practice shots came online and Gorden took a dig it. In response to the Capela’s failed shots, he trolled him saying that July is definitely over.

    Just after a few minutes of that, Capela shared one of Gorden’s video on Twitter. In that video, Rudy Gorden was throwing perfect shots in a practice session. But Capela mocked him saying that he can only shoot two-pointers and not from the paint in real NBA games.

    Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz

    NBA Rockets vs Jazz

    Fans of both the players and their teams have taken this rivalry to the next level and can’t wait to see them in a game. It will be fun to see whether Capela or Gobert is able to shoot three-pointers against each other. Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz are both parts of the Western Conference and last had a game in the NBA 2018-19 season playoffs.

    Although the scores were almost same, Rockets won that by 4-1 and the Jazz lost badly. Rockets vs. Jazz is expected to happen again in the next season and it is already so much hyped up due to Clint Capela and Rudy Gobert’s Twitter war.

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