Clint Capela NBA Switzerland National Basketball Team

Clint Capela is one of those NBA players who thinks that it is more than just a sport. It is why he decided to go back to his country, Switzerland and play for the national team there. The Swiss player was signed by the Houston Rockets for another five years, but he wanted to do something for his country.

There can’t be anything better than serving your nation and thinking about the future of the kid there. Capela has recently shared his thoughts on his new decision and explained why it was necessary. Here are the excerpts from Capela’s Swiss radio interview and his future plans.

Clint Capela on his Decision

Clint Capela Switzerland National Basketball Team

Clint Capela explained that the NBA has given him so much and now he wants to give it back. He is currently in his hometown of Geneva where he is giving a summer camp to the young kids there. The decision of Capela to play for Switzerland national team is also kind of surprising. Capela has also given credit to LeBron James for inspiring him to make a great move.

LeBron inspired me to think about how I want to be remembered as a person even after my career, especially back at my home in Switzerland. This is what drives me to do something. I want that Swiss kids also become basketball fans. I want each of them to believe that they can also play in the NBA one day.

It is more than Just a Game

Clint Capela Switzerland National Basketball Team

The basketball scene in Switzerland is not that much and Clint Capela wants to change it. He wants the young Swiss kids to believe that they could also be a part of the NBA in the future. Everyone is happy with Capela’s initiative and are welcoming it.

Swiss high schools are also planning to implement a basketball program to teach kids from a young age. Basketball is not just a game, it is much more than that. Capela is a doing great in the field and we hope his efforts show results.