When a Hooters restaurant announced that they would be supporting a local boys’ soccer team, the announcement caused an uproar.

The UK-based Hooters Nottingham, according to a story by the New York Post, announced on social media that they would be sponsoring an under-10s team.

“Hooters Nottingham are proud to be the new sponsors of Burton Joyce Under 10s. We wish you all the luck this season boys. Go smash it,” the restaurant wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post.

Low-cut shirts and small orange shorts are common attire for servers at the risqué restaurant company. Staff employees could be seen visiting the group of young boys while dressed more modestly in Hooters tracksuits in a series of photos that accompanied their statement.

Although the specifics of the sponsorship arrangement are unknown, it is clear from the photographs that the boys’ soccer uniform will have Hooters’ famous insignia.

Meanwhile, there was a big uproar on social media over the news of the odd alliance. Some questioned whether having adolescents linked with an often sexualized eatery was suitable.

One tweeted: “Why is a de facto sexual entertainment venue sponsoring a children’s football team? Imagine if an under-10s girls team was sponsored by the Chippendales & some of the girls posed with Chippendale dancers for a photoshoot?”

“How either the club or Hooters thought this was an appropriate partnership for an U10s football team is beyond me. If this were the Magic Mike (male semi-naked dancers) brand sponsoring a girls netball team, there would rightly be uproar,” another agreed.

A third chimed in: “How the heck is this happening? May be great for the lads but what about the girl football squad. What message does it give to them?”

Others, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be disturbed by the sponsorship and didn’t feel a need to start taking sides.

“Why are people getting so angry about this?! They’ve obvs never been to Hooters! A great bar, clearly with an excellent marketing plan and supporting a local team where the kids might not get a kit otherwise. People need to chill out and go get a beer,” one person tweeted.

“Kids are allowed @Hootersnotts and eat free on Sundays,” another pointed out.

However, following the uproar, the Nottingham restaurant seems to have taken the announcement off its social media pages.

In addition, despite what many people think, Hooters pubs and restaurants serve people of all ages.