Honda Motors co-representative revealed on May 22 that the company would be pulling back 137,000 new SUVs after reports of 3 injuries. It was also stated that the injuries are related to sudden airbag deployment by the cars in the United States.

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2019 CRV vehicles recalled

The Japan-based company revealed that they are recalling the 2019 CRV vehicles. The company will be replacing the steering wheel wire harnesses and supplemental restraint system cable reels.

2019 Honda CR-V recall airbag

The pullback comes as a result of 6 unexpected airbag deployment that resulted without any crash. So far, there have been no accidents related to the malfunctioning.

Recalled vehicles include 118,000 cars in the United States and 19000 in Korea and China. The company also said that Metal burrs on the interior surface of the steering wheel might result in damage that could lead to a short circuit and overheating of components

Millions of defective airbags

Previously the company also had to replace 21 million defective airbags in 12.9 million vehicles in the United States. They also revealed that this has resulted in 14 deaths all over the US in the last decade.

Honda CR-V recall airbag 2019

It was also stated that Honda would be recalling the 19000 US vehicles that may have had defective inflator reply replacement kids installed before May 2018.