Some people love high school while others don’t. It is beneficial to have a high school education regardless of one’s stance.

The fact that dedication and hard work pay off is one of the many things learned there.

Nobody would ever argue that having the drive and educational background to succeed is a bad thing.

Valedictorian is one of the greatest achievements one can achieve in a high school career.


To achieve that, one has to maintain a good grade point average (3.9-4).

Many of us were guilty of taking a year off in high school.

Whether that was in our most memorable year when we were attempting to conform to greater responsibility, in our third year, when the social side of tutoring turned out to be an over-the-top interruption, or in our last year, while the mounting pressure turned out to be excessively and stopping at the last obstacle just appeared to be more straightforward.

If you want to be named valedictorian, you have to take a day off from school.

You would think that only the kids that have the privilege of growing up in a stable household have the chance to be awarded this prestigious title.


One valedictorian is putting an end to that stereotype.

Griffin didn’t have the privilege of a stable environment, which sets him apart from other valedictorians.


For the last 12 years, Griffin and his dad have been homeless.

During his high school career, he never had the security of his own bedroom or the same roof over his head.


Being homeless does not afford a quiet environment to study.

That is what makes him an inspiration. He overcame the odds, determined to graduate, and did so.

He was with the rest of the students on graduation day. He was also named the valedictorian of his class.

The kid is mature for his age. When he was asked how he felt to graduate, he said, “I just want to show that anyone can do it, no matter what you’ve been through. I never want to live that life again. I do everything I do because I don’t want to live like that.”

We should never judge a person based on their living situation. You don’t know what happened.

Do what you can to help, even if you don’t know, just be thankful for what you have.


His mom died of cancer, and his dad couldn’t afford the house on his own.

He remembers lying in bed feeling like he was going to die because he knew he had school the next day.


His situation was terrible but teachers didn’t know what to do.

Despite the battles that they had to face, the family emerged triumphant. His father must be incredibly proud that his son has a bright future ahead of him.


In the touching video, you can learn more about the journey to success.