At 18-years-old, Seth was homeless and living in a car, but his biggest dream was to have a family.

Being an orphan or surrendered child, or a child that needs to live without their biological parents is hard enough. Failure to adopt can make things worse.



Most of the children who are growing up in the US foster system have a single dream. To find a real family that considers the children their own.

This never happens for a lot of kids. Around 20,000 children age out of the foster system every year. They are left alone to build a life from scratch.


When Seth became an adult, he couldn’t count on the foster care system anymore.

When he was put up for adoption as a toddler, he spent a decade in unhappy foster homes. He realized he had no one to turn to when he became older.


He became homeless and lived in a car at the age of 18.

During an interview with USA Today, he said that he was empty, alone, and nowhere to fit in. He wanted a proper family to call his own.


A series of events started happening that would change his life forever.

When Robert and Ara Hunt met with the boy, things began to change for him.


Seth’s biological sister was already adopted by the Hunt family.

Ara Hunt said that they found forever when they let go of their fears. The couple set up things in a way so that Shyann would be able to meet her brother who they never knew existed, and the reunion was touching. It was meant to happen from then on.


After the reunion, the Hunts, who already had a large family including two daughters and a son still living at home, invited Seth to move in with them.

The transition period was challenging, but they found their communication codes, and living all together made sense to them.


The Hunts officially adopted Seth, one year later.

A group of people who love the Hunt family gathered in a courtroom. They all became a family there.

Robert Hunt said he knew he was a part of the family when he saw the interview. “We are doing this to make it legal. He is our son,” he said.


Seth decided to change his name. He is named after the family that gave him the most precious gift of all: somewhere to belong.

Logan said that it felt awesome and seems as if he was at peace.


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