Love stinks.

A Brazilian influencer had to be wheeled through an airport in Portugal because she couldn’t walk because she was in “horrible pain” from holding in her farts.

Viih Tube, whose real name is Vitória De Felice Moraes, and is 21 years old, began to feel pain while at the Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022 music festival in Portugal with her boyfriend Eliezer. Vitória De Felice Moraes is the real name of Viih Tube.

The Sun says that Moraes couldn’t fart in front of her boyfriend or girlfriend because she would feel too embarrassed.

Moraes put a video of herself being pushed around in a wheelchair on her Instagram stories. In the caption, she tagged the Brazilian singer Pocah, who had to go to the hospital earlier this year because she had gas trapped.

“Like mother like daughter, and at the airport, I started to feel horrible pain and I was even attended in a wheelchair and it was gas lol,” Moraes wrote on her Instagram, “I understand you mom @pocah,” she added.

Pocah, who is not Morae’s biological mother, said that farting is a serious matter and wished the influencer a quick recovery.

The best person to answer this question is Pocah, whose real name is Viviane de Queiroz Pereira. She told people in March of this year that she had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance at 5:30 a.m. after waking up with severe stomach pain. She held in her farts because she didn’t think she and her boyfriend were “farting friends.”

Even though trapped gas is not fatal, it can be mistaken for a more serious problem. Most of the time, it is not caused by holding in flatulence, which can be a sign of a more serious problem like irritable bowel syndrome.

“Girls, don’t be ashamed to fart in front of your guy, because what’s really embarrassing is not letting your guy sleep because you’re in discomfort, going to hospital with your guy, and the diagnosis being ‘trapped farts,’” said Pereira at the time. “From now on, I’m letting them rip, guys.”

Medical professionals tell people not to hold in their farts because doing so can make them get into the bloodstream and come out of the mouth.