cure for HIV AIDS 2019

Although scientists have been trying to find a cure for HIV/AIDS for quite a long time now, it seems that they have not been successful in completely eradicating the epidemic. There have been several treatment regimens developed that help in managing the disorder, but nothing substantial has been found in the name of a cure.

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HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns worked

HIV AIDS cureHowever, it seems that the constant drive for awareness by government and non-government organizations has finally worked. Despite the lack of a cure for the disease, data has shown that the number of new infections as well as deaths related to HIV/AIDS has fallen drastically.

A UN HIV/AIDS report revealed that even though we haven’t found a definite cure, there has been an 18% decline in new infections since 2010. A chart on the website also showed that the numbers are further predicted to fall. The last time the world saw an increase in the number of HIV/AIDS infections was in 1995-96 when it rose to 3.4 million new cases.

Number of deaths fall

HIV AIDS cure 2019This is certainly news worth celebrating. It is also fortunate that scientists have developed one pill regimens that help the patients in making the disease more manageable. That is perhaps the reason why the number of AIDS-related deaths has fallen since 2005. 1.9 million individuals died of the disorder in that year while it was down to 940,000 in 2017.

There is even more cause for celebration since scientists have managed to cure the patients now of HIV/AIDS through stem cell transplant. Hopefully, in the future, we can see an implementable cure for this deadly epidemic.