HIV?AIDS Cure 2019

A study was published recently where scientists analyzed research trials for HIV/AIDS treatment and found that search experiments tend to recruit more men than women. This is the data of the trials from global statistics available that HIV infects more women than men.

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The advancements are flawed

cure for HIV AIDS 2019For the last 2 years, scientists have been working on finding a cure for the fatal disorder. Till now, 3 patients have been cured of HIV after stem cell treatment. This news has given hope to millions of patients who have been suffering from it for years.

However, the advancements need to be taken with a grain of salt because analysis conducted in 2016 revealed that the female participants in such trials tend to be less in number. HIV/AIDS treatment trials for antiretroviral therapy, vaccines, and cure strategies tend to have more men than women subjects.

The numbers tell the truth

cure for HIV/AIDS 2019According to the report, the number of women recruited forms a median of 19.2% in antiretroviral therapy, 38.1% in vaccines, and only 11% in cure strategies. The study also stated that although women comprise nearly half of the people living with HIV/AIDS all over the world, they continue to be under-represented in clinical studies.

The global data on HIV shows that 36.9 million people were affected by the disorder until 2017. Of these, 18.2 million adult women aged 15 and above. The report calls for an increase in diversity when it comes to medical studies. Women generally have different reactions to drugs, and their immune system is quite different from men. As a result, these factors need to be taken into consideration when developing a cure for HIV/AIDS in 2019.