We do things that make us cringe. Humans can be slow. They can’t see if anything goes wrong until it’s too late. They go “I screwed up.” It is you who have to take the consequences, even though God forgives us all.

Those people on the list below are no better than you, so if you feel bad for accidentally messing up something, don’t worry. Some of the funniest pics of people who made really, really wrong decisions have been collected. We feel bad for them, but we can laugh at their silly mistakes.


1. At least his foot is safe.


2. A meeting between the wallet and the lawnmower.


3. This guy’s failed attempt at washing a pillow.


4. Reverse Uno card moment.


5. Cutting grass after rain and blowing it on peoples’ cars.


6. Didn’t take a close look at the label.


7. This is just… disturbing.


8. Broccoli and Chicken smothered in melted rubber lid.


9. R.I.P. $5000 bike.


10. Knocked off flour container ended up landing like this.


11. Ordered gummy vitamins from Amazon and received them like this.


12. There must be a story behind this picture.


13. Never park over a storm drain.


14. “Here’s how my Friday evening is going.”


15. “I bought this but no one mentioned this in the reviews section.”


16. Doing makeup in the car be like…


17. Just texting bae things.


18. It’s still hurting.