When was the last time you laugh out loud? Hey, if you don’t remember, do not feel bad because this dog post will give you a dose of laughter you have been missing out on.

The adorable and sweet dogs featured in this post will melt your heart with their cuteness. You can scroll down to have a look. 

1. Look at that smile and twinkle in his eyes! All because he was getting his butt scratched!

Boy, that joy!

2. Night watch? Nah, that’s too mainstream!

That dedication!

3.This doggo looks ready to go to his dog-office!

4. Who knew galloping could look this cute and joyous!

This snowball makes us so happy!

5. Wonder what Dr. Freud would say about this dog’s fixation with the Frisbee!

Frisbee-us complex, maybe?

6. This looks like a scene from a doogo movie where this doggie just saved his love from the bad doggos and is savoring his moment of victory!

Although, there are no bad doggos.

7. Polyandry done right!

Love her attitude!

8. We get you, big boy! Thunderstorms are SCARY!

We wanna give lots of hugs to this big boy!

9. Learn friendship from this doggo, hoomans!

Wait for your friends. That too, patiently.

10. Living for that leaves-tattoo!

Wrestle them, babygirl!

11. Doggo knows spring mornings are enjoyed in the company of no one!

Wonder what he’s thinking about!

12. She looks like a sophisticated sorority girl!

The most gorgeous doggo ever!

13. Doesn’t look so patient to us!

The smol doogo is like, ‘Don’t test mah patience hooman’

14. Murphy seems to have an eye for fine things!

That excitement!

15. The doggo knows only the blanket is gonna keep him warm forever!

This birthday boy is the cutest!

16. Step-mom knows which child to take pictures with!

This is the most gorgeous and pretty doggo we have ever laid eyes on!

17. Dog and the Leaf-Bug- Best Friends Forever!

18. What a majestic wolf! Talk about being photogenic.

In love with this doggo!

19. This doggo knows you stick your tongue out for selfies!

Those eyes!

20. These babies love to break those cultural norms!


21. Staying hydrated never looked this good!

Marvelous shot!

22. Boyband of Huskies.

Look at those mischievous eyes!

23. Can we boop-a-de-boop that nose?

Wish we could!

24. Us after seeing our least favorite person in the office!


25. He has developed some severe trust issues!

Poor doggo!

26. Us after doing a small task!

That tongue is the cutest!

27. Look at this fur-ball enjoying being tickled!

Too adorable for words!