High School musical 4 release date cast

Ashley Tisdale was last active while reminiscing the High School Musical moments. She cherished the fun through and edited video of HSM. Fans are considering it as an indication of her comeback as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical 4.

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Disney Channel shared “The video Meme.”

High School musical 4 Ashley Tisdale


On Saturday, Disney Channel alum shared a video meme. Where Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie are seen performing on Ashley Tisdale’s duet “What I’ve been looking for.

The song was sung by Ashley Tisdale along with her former co-star Ryan Evans. Who also happens to be Sharpay’s twin in HSM.

Ashley Tisdale’s silence is not a piece of happy news for the fans.

“I would hate not to have Sharpay be great”: Ashley Tisdale

High School musical 4 ashley tisdale

Disney announced the renewal of “High School Musical 4” in 2016. Some original cast members will reprise their roles while others are not available to share any sort of information.

In 2018, Ashley Tisdale told E! News, that she is not interested in reprising her role as Sharpay and she has her reasons to not come back to High School Musical 4.

 “I honestly don’t think I would, just based off of, I don’t know if I could fill her shoes again.”

In a separate interview to E!, Ashley Tisdale further revealed:

 “I’ve matured so much, I just don’t know if I could give her justice — Sharpay — and be that character again. And I would hate to not have it be great.”

Ashley Tisdale’s possible cameo as Sharpay

High School musical 4 ashley and venessa

In another attempt to convince Ashley Tisdale to return to High School Musical 4 and reprise the role of Sharpay, TVLine reported a twist.

The main character in High School Musical 4 is not Troy, but a cousin of Evans Twins. Zac Efron will play the lead character.

The connection brings several possibilities of Ashley Tisdale’s cameo as Sharpay. And, Maybe, a justified portrayal of her character and a good script later convinces the actress to reprise her role.

Keeping the release date as a mystery to fans, Disney has still not confirmed the filming of High School Musical 4.