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High School Musical 4 cast news update – Zac and Vanessa fate confirmed

High School Musical 4 is long overdue for a sequel and it looks like fans will be getting it soon. Disney announced the fourth movie in the series back in 2016, but there was no update after that. Disney refuses to reveal any details about the upcoming film.

High School Musical 4: Cast and crew revealed

High School Musical 4: Cast and crew revealedA news publication in the US has revealed that the story will focus on a new group of students studying in East High School, and their rivals at the West High Knights High School. The movie will be written by Dan Berendsen and Peter Barsocchini who were also the writers of the previous High School Musical films. However, Jeffrey Hornaday will be the one who will direct and choreograph the 4th installment.

The songs of the movie will be written by the same team that wrote them for the first three movies. Barry Rosenbush and Bill Borden will also return as executive producers. Disney has also announced the cast of the film. It includes Joshua Bassett, Olivia Rodrigo, Kate Reinders, Sofia Wylie, Matt Cornett, Dara Reneé, Julia Lester, Frankie Rodriguez, Larry Saperstein, and Mark St. Cyr.

Content President excited

High School Musical 4: Content President excitedSenior Vice President of content at Disney, Agnes Chu, said,

“We are truly excited about this extremely talented cast and the fresh and contemporary take on this globally beloved franchise. From the music and dance to the characters and hilarious meta references, there is something here for fans of the originals, as well as people who are new to East High.”

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and other cast members of the original 3 films will not be returning to the 4th installment. Filming will start in fall 2020.

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