The “Marry Me” actress revealed intimate details about her second marriage to Ben Affleck, which took place on August 20 in Georgia and was described by Lopez as having “perfect timing.” According to recent reports, the Hollywood couple is struggling to keep their marriage strong in the midst of the demands of their various careers and life objectives. She previously claimed that she and her husband were living happily ever after, but it appears that their joy is beginning to wane.

Prior to marrying Ben Affleck, J. Lo “was walking on air,” but now that they are wed, she has her feet firmly planted on the ground, a source close to the couple told Radar Online. The source says that the “Marry Me” actress is using this information to “guilt trip” Ben Affleck into doing what she wants because she can’t let go of her husband’s past mistakes.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can no longer say they are “living the dream.”

According to an insider, the Hollywood couple has “returned to the grind of work and parenting” and that “reality has set in” following their lavish wedding and romantic honeymoons in Europe, respectively. In addition, the source claimed that Affleck recently left the house in a huff after arguing with Lopez, and the source said, “marital bliss? More like marital mayhem!” It was said that things began to shift between the newlyweds after they got back from their honeymoon.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez frequently argue, and this includes Ben Affleck’s attire choices. “He’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and now Jennifer is trying to tell him what he can and can’t wear,” the source dished. Jennifer Lopez thinks the Batman actor has a lot of irritating habits. “She absolutely hates Ben’s cigarettes,” the source explained. “He promised to give it up, but with all her nagging he’s smoking more than ever.” The source’s information indicates that Lopez is also suspected of hitting Affleck during their recent argument. The anonymous source also provided Radar Online with additional information. “She’s been known to yell at him and point her finger.” “It makes people wonder if she mistakes him for the dog!” the insider told.


“He’s like her personal bank account,” the source revealed about Jennifer Lopez

The source also told Radar Online, “she hasn’t forgotten or completely forgiven him so this is her way of reminding him there is a cost to his behavior.” The actress and singer is reportedly trying to get Ben Affleck to buy her pretty things by making him feel bad about his time in a strip club in the early 2000s, which caused a big fight between the two of them.

Despite being one of the most successful Latina actors in the history of Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez is unquestionably not in need of money. It’s been said that when Ben Affleck, who has a much smaller fortune of $150 million than Jennifer Lopez, who has a huge fortune of $400 million, is with her, she doesn’t spend a penny. “The limos are all on his tab, too, and he’s always buying her things. It’s pretty ironic since he’s not worth nearly what she is — but he knows he’s paying off an emotional, as well as financial, debt,” the insider alleged.


To keep their marriage interesting, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are considering working together to make a film.

According to the insider, Jennifer Lopez has expressed interest in working on a project with her husband, Ben Affleck, in the hope that it will help them keep “the spark” alive in their marriage. The news source also claimed that Lopez is anxious about the prospect of getting divorced a fourth time and that it might occur so soon after her marriage.

According to reports in Heatworld and Marca Magazine, J. Lo’s team is advising her against making the choice she discussed. “Jen thinks they should make another movie together, even though Gigli bombed hard,” a source told the publication. “Her team is advising against it, but Jen is a powerful producer with her own production company these days.”

On August 20 of this year, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot a second time in the state of Georgia, officially beginning their union. The couple made their first red carpet appearance as a married couple on Thursday night when they showed up at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2023 Fashion Experience wearing identical black outfits.