Game of Thrones Final Episode

Game of Thrones has been always a big player at the major awards and has already won many Emmy awards. But this time, the whole of Season 8 was bad and the Game of Thrones finale was the worst. Whether it was George RR Martin or the TV writers, David and Dan, it doesn’t matter much. Neither the critics nor the fans liked ‘The Iron Throne’ and it is one of the worst rated show in the entire Game of Thrones series.

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HBO submitting it for the best writing at the 71st Primetime Emmy awards is a shock to everyone. Fans are furious over this, and trolling HBO and writers by making memes on Twitter and other social media sites.

Fans Trolling HBO’s Submission

 Game of Thrones Final Episode While there is no doubt that Game of Thrones Season 8 could win awards for visuals, cinematography, soundtrack, and acting, the writing was weakest this season. The TV show writers ran out of book source materials as GRRM is still busy writing ‘The Winds of Winter’. The final season of Game of Thrones have disappointed everyone with its illogical plot and rushed storylines.

All these reasons have made Game of Thrones release their anger about HBO’s decision to submit final episode for Emmy 2019 in the forms of memes and trolls. Here are some of the best memes rounded up which sums up the entire decision of HBO.

Literal photo of DnD submitting themselves for best writer Emmy. from freefolk

Me if GoT Season 8 wins emmy for best writing from freefolk

D&D are just salty from freefolk

HBO submitting "The Iron Throne" for an Emmy nomination. from freefolk

D and D submit the last episode of Season 8 for an Emmy. Entirety of r/freefolk from freefolk

Episode 2 was the better choice

 Game of Thrones Final Episode

Most of the Game of Thrones fans agree that the only good thing about season 8 was the second episode. GOT Season 8 Episode 2 titled ‘A Knight of Seven Kingdoms’ written by Bryan Cogman was one of the best episodes this season. It doesn’t have any battle scenes or major fights, but the deeper conversation and the anticipation of war were amazing. HBO should have submitted this episode, it may even have won an Emmy that way.