Hawaii Five-0 season 10 premiere is expected to answer one big question about the series. Who was hurt more from the unexpected season 9 finale, Jerry or McGarrett?

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The fans are calling the writers as a genius. Because the writers tricked the fans by presenting an unexpected twist in the Hawaii Five-0 season 9 finale. The twist will leave fans restless until the premiere of season 10.

Hawaii Five-0 season 9: The finale moment

Hawaii Five-O season 10 spoiler

The final moments of Hawaii Five-0 season 9 tricked audience by building upon a satisfying ending.

While McGarrett, played by Alex O’ Loughlin, was in his office, Omar Hassan’s wife and son visited.

The wife of Omar Hassan took out a 3D plastic gun and started firing in Steve and Jerry’s direction.

Omar Hassan’s wife shot who remains a mystery. The mystery will be unsolved only after the release of Hawaii Five-0 season 10. Until then the fans are suggested to be patient.

Hawaii Five-0 season 10: The Plot and the twist

Hawaii Five-O season 10 cast

The writers of the series are receiving appreciation for their genius way of ending the season. The trick is certain to work. The fans are demanding another installment at earliest. Otherwise, how the fans will know about what happens in the end?

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Hawaii Five-0 season 10 could be expected with two twists. The fans are likely to see Steve or Jerry ending up hospitalized. Their wounds being critically nursed.

Since Steve is the foundation of the series, he might be featured as hurt in the season 10.

Hawaii Five-0 season 10: The Ultimate Premiere

Hawaii Five-O season 10

Another game changer in Hawaii Five-0 season 10 would be Jerry lying on the hospital bed. Jerry being the essential member of the team, his accident could shake up Steve.

The writers and the producers of Hawaii Five-0 season 10 could also start the season with the “gotcha” moment. Or bring another twist of the bullet hitting the wall.

CBS has officially announced the renewal of the series. Hawaii Five-0 season 10 is expected to return in fall.