Even though the hype is real for the next Grand Theft Auto title, it remains a secret at Rockstar’s Headquarters. However recent developments have revealed a lot of details of the GTA 6.

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GTA 6 expected to launch before Cloud Gaming Services

Sony, Google, and Microsoft have unveiled its plans of their cloud gaming and streaming service and their next-gen console.

Google has made its foray into cloud gaming with Google Stadia. The Google Stadia will stream games up to 4K resolution even on the devices that do not have the hardware.

Sony is planning to launch their PlayStation 5, which is rumored to support 8K gaming, and they are expected to launch their streaming service.

Microsoft has launched their console lineup Xbox Scarlett that has two variants Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart. Xbox Lockhart will be the console that will allow the gamers to stream.


Interestingly the two arch rivals of console gaming industry Microsoft and Sony have a partner to deliver the cloud streaming using Project xCloud.

These developments hint that GTA 6 could be announced before the launch of these next-gen consoles.

Support for Cross-Platform Play

Even though Sony and Microsoft have teased with the idea of cross-platform support in the past.

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However, the current collaboration between these two tech giants might realize this idea and players on both the console get to play against each other. We hope that the rumored cross-platform play will support PC.

PlayStation 5

If this happens, then, the number of players on GTA Online will increase significantly.

Karl Staroff, president of a significant shareholder of Rockstar, Take-Two, has praised Google for their willingness to deliver the Google Stadia in such a short amount of time.

If everything goes according to the plan, then we will get the release date of GTA 6 very soon.