A coin stacking activity is more than just a leisure activity. It has become an art form to make sculptures out of coins. A great sense of balance is required in order to create coin stacking sculptures. The coins are stacked without the use of glue or plaster. The artist will have to arrange the coins in a way that the weight of the coins supports them. The artist has to defy gravity in order to create intricate arrangements. It sounds like a tough challenge.

Not everyone has an outrageous sense of balance. Tanu is an extraordinary artist because of this truth. Tanu uses coins of different denominations for different purposes. He positions each coin in a way that makes it more compelling. He often uses a single coin as a base for a sculpture. You might think that his sculptures could fall at any moment if you look at them. The apprehension of a collapsing sculpture makes it more exciting to look at.



Tanu uses other objects besides coins to add more varieties to his sculptures. spoons, toothpicks, marbles, tweezers, and glass jars are some of the things he uses to help hold the coins in place. His sculptures can be seen on his Twitter account.


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Here are some of Tanu’s sculptures.