The grave in Mississippi’s Natchez City cemetery may look normal at first glance. There is a door behind the tombstone that leads down to the casket.

Florence Ford passed away from yellow fever at the age of 10. There’s a small window at the head of her daughter’s casket, having a narrow stairway that is six feet down to the level of the window.


The first glance of the Natchez City cemetery may seem completely normal.

The mother had an interesting request. When storms rolled in, little Florence ran to her mother, who was comforting her.


However, if you walk closer, you might notice a few strange things.

The mother couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to comfort her daughter anymore She wanted the grave to have unique alterations that would allow her to be closer to her daughter.


There’s a staircase hidden behind the tombstone.


There’s a small window fitted right at the head of the casket.

The grave has not changed much over the years. The epitaph on the tombstone is easy to read. The glass window that is covered to prevent potential acts of vandalization was the only thing that had changed.


The stairs and the window are installed in such a way that the girl’s mother can easily comfort her during storms.


The grave hasn’t really changed much over the years.


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