One of the main reasons for Thanksgiving is to bring people together.

For the seventh year in a row, the heartwarming story of how a grandmother accidentally sent a text message to a young man and brought together two strangers to celebrate a holiday with lots of good food has been told.

Jamal Hinton posted a selfie of himself and Wanda Dench posing together outside The Cheesecake Factory on Tuesday, November 22, to show that they are still doing their famous internet tradition.

To answer all your questions, yes Thanksgiving year 7 is planned out! See you guys Thursday!

He captioned the picture with the emojis turkey and a black heart.

One user said in the comments that the get-together was “the Thanksgiving tradition I never realized I needed.”

Several people have said they are looking forward to yearly updates on the reassuring story, and one person has suggested that Hallmark make a movie based on Hinton and Dench.

Dench accidentally sent Hinton a text message telling her that the Thanksgiving dinner would be at her house on November 24 at 3 p.m. When the young boy asked Dench who had sent him the message, Dench showed him an emoji of an old woman and said, “Your granny.”

Hinton’s answer was to ask for a picture of his grandmother as proof that the phone number was really his grandmother’s. When he gets a picture of her at work, he sends back a picture of himself and a text that says she is not his grandmother.

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But is there still a chance he will get a plate? Hinton was the one who asked the question.

It’s definitely possible for him. She answered with an emoji of a piece of cake to show that feeding everyone is something that grandmothers are expected to do.

Even though the epidemic was in full swing in the year 2020, the two of them came up with a way to collect that used a lot fewer resources. On the other hand, that year was different because Dench’s wife, Lonnie, had died earlier that spring from COVID-19-related problems.

Dench and her husband, Lonnie, were both diagnosed with COVID-19 around the same time. However, Lonnie got pneumonia because of the virus. When Hinton first heard about what was going on, he didn’t waste any time getting on Twitter to spread the word and get people to help. After Lonnie died, Hinton kept his followers up to date on what was going on. Since the two had their first Thanksgiving lunch together in Mesa, Arizona, six years ago, tens of thousands of people have been following their story ever since Hinton’s post about the lunch went viral on social media.

After a week, Hinton posted a video to Twitter of himself having lunch with the couple and writing that they were thinking about Lonnie a lot.

Dench has said that she thinks “fate stepped in” when she sent the SMS message by accident many years ago. She believes this because she thinks that fate brought them together.

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Jamal showed her that her age didn’t mean anything. She likes spending time with all of her grandchildren and children, but she says that because they come from different generations, they all have different ideas and memories. But when Jamal came along, she and her husband, along with Jamal and his girlfriend, would go out to eat together often throughout the year. They would have so much fun that they would lose track of time.

Dench realized that friends don’t have to be close in age to be friends. She went on to say that because of this, she now sees a lot of young people in a very different way than she did before, and she makes it a point to talk to them so she can learn more about who they are.

She thinks that he has been the person who has made the biggest difference in her life.