The first wedding anniversary of a couple who have a 37-year age gap was recently celebrated, despite the fact that the couple has to deal with nasty trolls criticizing their relationship nearly every day.

Both Quran McCain, now 25, and his wife, Cheryl McGregor, 62, a mother of seven, are from Rome, Georgia. They met for the first time in 2012, when he was just 15 years old, while they were working at the quick-service restaurant chain Dairy Queen. Quran is now 25 years old.

Soon after, the controversial couple began sharing behind-the-scenes looks at their relationship on TikTok, where they quickly amassed more than 3.5 million followers, many of whom did not approve of their love due to the significant age gap between them.

In spite of the negative feedback, the couple went ahead and tied the knot on September 3, 2021, during a private ceremony that was broadcast live to their millions of TikTok followers.

Now, one year later, Quran and Cheryl are more in love than they have ever been, and they are currently having conversations with a surrogate in the hopes of having their first child together through the process.

However, despite the fact that Cheryl already has seven children from previous relationships as well as 17 grandchildren, the couple has expressed that they ‘feel they deserve children of their own.’

They put in a lot of effort to conceive on their own, but Cheryl’s advanced age ultimately led them to decide that surrogacy or adoption was their best option.

‘We prefer surrogacy, however, we have seen a lot of people embroiled in legal complications far after the child is born,’ Quran previously told Jam Press.

‘We are looking for a nice surrogate who is willing to sign a contract to have nothing to do with the child after its born.

‘We don’t want people trying to have a baby for us for financial gain, we are not that financially inclined ourselves.

‘With adoption, we are looking for a biracial baby so the baby would know, “I have half black and half white parents,” so he [or she] would feel that we are his true parents.

‘Both of Cheryl’s daughters had hysterectomies in the last few years otherwise they would have been the best option for being as close to a biological child as possible.’

Even though the happy couple had known each other for years before, their feelings of romantic attraction did not emerge until much later.

They were no longer in touch with one another until November 2020, when Cheryl’s caretaker Quran recognized her while she was working as a cashier in a convenience store.

Almost immediately, sparks flew between the pair, and in April of last year, they made their relationship official and began dating. The couple moved quickly forward in their relationship, and Quran popped the question to Cheryl three months later, in July 2021, at an Olive Garden. The engagement ring was valued at $3,000.

Earlier, he discussed the proposition with, saying: ‘I was extremely nervous before and I tried my best to keep my composure but I was crying as soon as we entered the parking lot.

‘There are many reasons why I chose to make Cheryl my wife. She’s beautiful, elegant, strong, noble, honest and compassionate.

‘Cheryl was shocked as she didn’t know I was going to propose but it made her feel special.’

After that, they tied the knot in the fall, and now they are commemorating an important landmark: they have been married for an entire year.

The happy couple celebrated their first year anniversary by posting a TikTok video in which they reminisced about some of the memorable moments they’ve shared together. Quran gushed in the video’s caption, “God couldn’t have made you more perfect.”

And while some viewers applauded the couple for their achievement, others used it as yet another chance to criticize the two of them.

Despite the fact that Quran is younger than one of Cheryl’s own children and that Cheryl is only six years younger than Quran’s grandmother, Cheryl and Quran assert that their sexual life is amazing and that they have wonderful chemistry together.

Quran gushed: ‘[Sex] gets better and better every time. It’s pretty normal, it’s not out of the ordinary, but to me it’s amazing. She knows what she’s doing – that’s the best part!’

Because of the nearly forty-year age gap between the couple, they began posting videos of themselves to TikTok almost as soon as they started dating. As a result, the videos of the couple have gone viral on the platform, and they have become internet celebrities as a result. The couple also established an account on Only Fans for the distribution of their more explicit material.

The couple is unfazed by the hatred that is frequently directed toward them in the form of comments posted on their videos.

‘People on social media have a lot of hate for us, they say I’m dating my grandmother,’ Quran said.

‘I am not, she is younger than my grandmother, we are no different from any other couple, love is love.

‘We get a lot of hate but it doesn’t phase us. At the end of the day, we still got each other and that’s all that matters.

‘No matter what they say or do, it can’t hurt us. We know the stuff that they say isn’t true and they believe it, we feel sorry for them.

‘We’re happy and no matter what they say we’re not going to deflect on that.’

Quran expressed regret that none of Cheryl’s family members had been “accepting” of their relationship at an earlier stage.

‘Everyone thought we were joking or thought it was all games,’ he admitted. ‘Some of her seven kids turned on her due to her dating a younger black man.

‘She was very hurt. It hurt her because she raised them to not be like that.’

However, that did not cause a rift between them. Cheryl added: ‘Don’t look for love because it will find you, because I wasn’t looking for love and it found me and it’s amazing.’

They are aware of the possibility that Quran will have to bring up their child by himself at some point in the future and are prepared for this possibility because Cheryl is much older than Quran.

‘We understand that I may not be there for as long as Quran is but I have faith in him,’ Cheryl explained.

‘If I am not here he can do it. He’s gonna be a great father, he’s a responsible adult. I had every bit of faith that he could raise our child and do it very well.

‘Our family is also very supportive of our decision to have children, at first they were hesitant for the same reasons.

‘However, now five of my children have come to accept the idea and my mother-in-law and I make videos together.’

Cheryl, according to Quran, “has a very young spirit, soul, and heart,” as he described it in a different interview from the past.

‘I think the biggest misconception is that I’m using her or waiting to be put in the will,’ he said.

‘We connected on a spiritual level. No matter the situation we just have a certain vibe that connects anytime we are around each other.’

Cheryl added: ‘It’s different, it’s amazing, he’s very compassionate to me and I think it’s because he’s a younger man.

‘I couldn’t have that with anybody else, he’s very emotional and that’s something I’ve never dealt with – they were all angry and he’s emotional in a good way because he shows me he really cares.

‘There’s just something between him and I that I never thought we would be together like this, he’s just an amazing person.

‘There’s a different type of chemistry with him even though he’s younger, we have a lot of chemistry because of the things we’ve been through and it pulls us closer together.’