We are sure that fans want to know about Gotham Season 6. When will it release? Who is in the cast? And all the related information. So here we are with all that you need.

Probably, Gotham Season 6 will be all about Batman, but sadly it won’t star Batman. Strange, isn’t it? As odd it may seem, it is the truth and we can’t help it. What else? If you think that Batman is the main hero, then you are absolutely wrong.

Gotham Season 6 will be the prequel of Batman’s story. The audience never thought that it will become such a huge hit. Currently, the fifth season of the show is being aired. Earlier, the show was supposed to end after Gotham Season 5. The fans were happy to see how it will end. But they were also sad that it would be the last season.

Gotham already has a huge list of followers and fan base. The fact that the show was ending with season 5 was somewhat hard for the fans to digest. Here we are, discussing the future of the show. Whether there will be a Gotham season 6 or not?

Will Gotham Season 6 Release After Season 5 Ends?

We know that the Gotham is nearing its end. But there are no reasons confirmed yet for the end of Gotham. However, according to sources, high production value could be one of the reasons. It costs around $88 million to produce a minimal portion of the show. While others think that since the show is all about prequel of Batman, it would create a problem for the Batman series altogether.

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Whatever the reason be, we will only get to know the status of the show after Gotham Season 5 ends.