Google Pixel Android Pie update

Google Pixel series phones are always the first ones to get any of the new Android updates. As Android OS is primarily made by the California based search engine giant company, Google phones had Android Pie update before any other device. While it is a good thing always to be the first to be updated, it also has to suffer from the early bugs problem.

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There have been new June month security patch updates, which are causing trouble in the Pixel phones. Let us see how to get those Android 9 Pie updates, know about the bugs, and fix them.

How to Update Google Pixel?

To update your Google Pixel phones is an easy task, but there is something which you should do before the update. The most important part is to secure your data, as some times, the Android update process can reset your phone. IT will be a smart move to back up your data and sync your Google contacts, mail, messages, etc. before you install the new Android pie updates.

Along with that, make sure your Pixel device is fully charged as your phone battery dying in the middle of the installation process can be very dangerous. It will also be better if you update your Google Pixel phones over a stable WiFi, as it would take less time, and no interruption will occur.

Pixel Pie Problems

Google Pixel Android Pie update

Google has recently launched the monthly security updates for the month of June in all the Android Pie running phones. Pixel 2, 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL, etc. are the phones from Google which has received these updates. The primary purpose of the Pie update was to enhance the performance and fix the previous bugs in Pixel phones. But just like the Samsung Galaxy phones, the Android Pie update has bought more problems than it solved. The major issues that Pixel phones are facing after the latest Pie update are:

  • The installation process freezes in the middle.
  • Sound and volume control are affected.
  • Fingerprint sensor is not working properly.
  • Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS have connectivity issues.
  • Adaptive brightness feature is not working properly.
  • Battery drain, Google voice assistant error, and home screen button issues.

Reason for the Bugs

Google Pixel Android Pie update

One would wonder that why would an update meant to fix Android Pie OS bring more bugs? Well, the answer is more complicated than it seems, as Android updates or any OS updates are a bit of a shady job. As soon as a new update is pushed out, the older OS versions are sabotaged in order to make the new one a hit. Most of the smartphone makers use this to make their older phones unstable and slow so that people have to buy the latest phones.

The main reason for the bugs in Pixel phones after the Android Pie update is because its new and in an early stage. It is also speculated that Google is working more on the upcoming Android Q OS, and it is a mean to prepare its Pixel phones for it.

How to Fix the Bugs?

Google Pixel Android Pie update

If your Pixel device has been in trouble after the new Android Pie update, there are some easy ways to fix it. The most basic way is to do a hard reset and let the Android Pie update settle and boot in your Google Pixel device. You can also complain to Google Pixel help forums and Android XDA forums.

Any of the issues or bugs can be reported directly to Google on their website or official Twitter handle. For those who have still not installed the new updates, we advise you to wait till all of the Google Pixel Android Pie update bugs are fixed by Google.