Google Pixel 5 Release Date, Specs, Rumors, Leaks: Major Camera Upgrade and Smaller Top Bezels

    Google Pixel 5 Release Date, Specs, Rumors, Leaks Major Camera Upgrade and Smaller Top Bezels

    Google Pixel 5 series smartphones are coming out this year and with that a lot of new details and rumors about the specs and features have started to appear on the internet. There is a new render for the Pixel 5 leaked online which shows major design changes and camera upgrades.

    While some fans are not happy with the new look, others are excited to have the new features and possibilities Google Pixel 5 series will offer. Here is everything you need to know about Google Pixel 5 release date, specs, rumors, features, leaks, camera design and soli radar system.

    Google Pixel 5 Camera and Design Leaks

    Google Pixel 5 Camera and Design Leaks

    Google Pixel 5 lineup will have a major upgrade in the camera department as the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S20 has upped the game. Google will also offer something bigger this year and Jon Prosser has shared leaked renders of Pixel 5 showing a major camera redesign on the rear side. There is a big space in the middle to house a three-camera system including an ultra-wide lens and the flash.

    Many of the Twitter users are not happy with how Pixel 5 looks from the backside and have been calling it like a face, Pikachu or open mouth emoji. But the majority of the tech fans have no issued with Google’s Pixel 5 camera design change as they won’t be buying a smartphone just to stare on its back.

    Google Pixel 5 Soli Radar System

    Google Pixel 5 Soli Radar System 

    Google won’t join the display notch smartphone series it has no plans to ditch the forehead bezel in Pixel 5 devices. The top bezel in Pixel 5 will make room for the Soli radar system which can recognize the user’s gestures from a distance even without touching.

    Jon Prosser has also added that the Pixel 5 forehead bezel is slightly smaller than the Pixel 4 series. It should be noted that the designs are not final and can be changed over the course of time as Google Pixel 5 will release around October at the Made by Google annual event.


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