Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL release date specs features

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL has generated a lot of hype after many renders and leaks have surfaced on the web. Interestingly, Google has confirmed one of these renders.

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So here are five things that we want from the next latest and greatest offering of Google. This wishlist is created based on the renders and leaks mentioned above.

1. A fresh premium design

At first glance, all Pixel 1, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 look the same. Google has followed the same design pattern, which has started to look bland when compared to other smartphones.

The inclusion of notch in the Pixel 3 looked forced as it did not serve any functional purpose. We would like to see a bezel-free screen similar to OnePlus 7 Pro.

Pixel 4

The back also needs a design refresh, and by the looks of it, they will do that.

2. Triple Camera Setup

We all know that Google Pixel 3 packs the best camera in the market even though it uses a single camera sensor, and it was launched a year ago.

It showcases the software prowess of Google. However, it is high time that Google uses a triple camera setup to compete against the upcoming iPhones and Android phones.

Google has confirmed that Pixel 4 will use a dual camera lens which will work in tandem with the spectral sensor.

3. In Display FingerPrint Sensor

Every manufacturer has started to move the fingerprint scanner inside the display, and Google should follow suit.

However, leaks suggest that Google is ditching the fingerprint sensors in favor of Face Unlock similar to Apple. The lack of fingerprint could be a deal breaker for many as issues were found with Apple FaceID.

4. More Carriers and Improved Presence

All the Google Pixel phones were either unlocked or available on Verizon. This issue has lead to a lack of awareness among consumers.

Most customers don’t buy their phones unlocked. So Google needs to make the phone available on other carriers as well.

5. Improved Performance

Google needs to deliver the Pixel 4 with the best specs out there. It cannot ship a phone with subpar hardware as there are other phones that have flagship hardware at half the price.

We want to see better memory option that includes more RAM and additional storage.

If Google manages to strike down these pointers then they have a killer smartphone that can run against any of its competitors.