Google Pixel 3a review

Google who introduced Android OS to the world is the master smartphone maker. Google Pixel 3a could be a game changer for the “Made by Google” line Smartphone. It could all be possible because of the camera.

Just like the Pixel 3, this new addition to the Google Android phones comes in two sizes with an almost similar spec sheet. Here is my review for the recent launch.

Pixel 3a Camera and Display

Pixel 3a Camera and Display

Let me directly about the camera first, one of the best features of Google Pixel 3a. The selfie camera of my Pixel 3a has just one lens unlike Pixel 3. It also offers wide-angle selfie photos and click sharp selfies. The 12.2MP back camera is similar to the Pixel 3 and is amazing and shoots high quality pictures. Pixel 3a has perfected lowlight photography with its new Night Sight mode, and has clear pictures even in the dark.

Google Pixel 3a: Design and Specifications

If I talk about the Display, the colors are rich and vibrant on the 6-inch OLED display and 402 PPI Resolution. I am glad that there’s no notch at the top. The size of the display also makes this device feel really good in my hands and it feels much lighter than the Pixel 3 XL.

How does the Pixel 3a Perform?

How does the Google Pixel 3a Perform?

As I have seen, the Pixel 3a doesn’t boast of the most formidable processor in this price band. It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor with 4GB of RAM. During my usage, it had enough power left for daily activities and except for a little difference in App loading times and high graphics games, I didn’t missed a heavy-duty processor.

My Pixel 3a came in a 64GB internal storage variant, with Google backing this up with unlimited storage on Google Photos. Given its specs and a mid-range price, my Google Pixel 3a performed shockingly well and felt like a premium high-end phone.

Is the phone worth the price tag?

Is the Google Pixel 3a worth the price tag?

The Battery life (3700 mAh) of my Pixel 3a was another plus point. I didn’t have to reach for the charger even after a whole day of use. Can’t believe that the phone survived extensive camera usage and videos. Google Pixel 3a has a similar fast charger of 18W capacity; same as Google Pixel 3.

The other thoughtful touch is the inclusion of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. That should comfort users who still cannot let go of their wired headsets. Priced at $399/£399, Google Pixel 3a with a 5.6-inch display costs half of the Pixel 3 and is absolutely worth your money. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Google Pixel Updates and other news.