Things don’t stay the same. We know but bear with us. The things, places, and people we love most in the world change over time. It is inevitable. Some things improve and mature like good wine set down to age in your fancy castle cellar, but others like cheap milk are left out on a sunny windowsill for far too long.

OpenOutcome-660 went on r/AskReddit with an intriguing query, asking others to share the things that they think used to be great but have become incredibly bad since then. The thread got over 3.4k responses after the question was asked.

People shared that MTV has gone downhill over the years, while others pointed out that the internet is not as great as it used to be.


1. The History channel once used to be good back in the 2000s but now it’s all about aliens and swamps.


2. This guy’s knees.


3. The internet in general. It’s now all about sites that want to sell me things that are not needed and are full of ads.


4. The appliances. Made to last back in the day but are now only made to last the warranty.


5. The cooking websites. Every page has a page within for the actual recipe.


6. Patriotism. Once used to be a proud feeling but now just about whose country first.


7. The flights. They’re all about no food, Covid, insane people, baggage fees, and so on.


8. The name says it all. Used to rule the ’90s.


9. There are streaming services online. If you want to watch all your shows, you have to have 15 different services.


10. Facebook. You know it already.


11. All the rich children have ruined thrifting.


12. Hollywood. Totally out of ideas.


13. How Europe perceives the U.S.


14. Politics. A reason for so much anger and hatred among people.


15. Saving up while entering the workforce. We’ve heard stories of people buying their first house after 2 years of saving. That is a fantasy these days.


16. Let’s not even talk about the air quality these days.


17. Amazon is slowly turning into Wish.


18. There used to be good conspiracy theories, but now it’s just these redneck crazies crowding into the most absurd ones, like microchips and lizard people.


19. Not working just for the hustle and weekends.


20. The mental health these days.


21. The search to buy your first home used to be exciting. You can either take it or leave it, in a terrible neighborhood. Or continue to pay high rent.


22. Going outside is not the same as it used to be.


23. Top Gear. Definitely a thing that became outdated.


24. YouTube. Another thing that became bad ’cause the ads just won’t go away.


25. Handmade stuff on Etsy is now something that takes forever to be found.


26. Rap. Changed entirely. All about the mumbles.


27. What are they even playing on the radio these days?


28. The cars. They once used to be affordable and efficient. Now, they’re just a piece of overly charged cheap quality metal.


29. The quality of work has surely degraded in the professional world.


30. Life used to be good, but now it’s all about just working more and more.


31. R.I.P. Yahoo! Answers.


32. Too much CGI in action movies these days.


33. There was once was a time when news media used to function.


34. The image says it all.


35. Disney. All about overproduced stuff now.