Golden State Warriors Jersey News

Golden State Warriors are rebuilding their team in every possible after the free agency deals. Half of their players including the biggest stars such as Kevin Durant have left the team and signed somewhere else. In order to do a fresh start, the Warriors are trying to create a fresh new roster. The home stadium of the Warriors had also been moved to the Chase Center in San Francisco.

The latest rumors say that the Warriors are also planning to change their official playing jerseys. Several pictures have been leaked on the social media site Reddit which shows 4 new jerseys for the Warriors team. Apparently, fans are not happy with the new Jersey design and have spotted several flows in them.

The Leaked Warriors Jersey

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As of right now, the Warriors team have neither confirmed nor denied any reports about changing their jersey. A few days back, they announced changing their Warriors and Golden Gate bridge logo, but it was kind of similar and fans already mocked them for that. The leaked pictures show 4 types of uniforms for the Warriors to be used in NBA 2019-20 season.

The biggest difference is the logo of the Bay area which represents both San Francisco and Oakland as the official city for the Warriors. The logo on the leaked pictures kind of matches their new official logo and there are high chances that these new jerseys will be worn by the Warriors roster soon.

Fan Reactions on the Warriors Jersey

Golden State Warriors Fan Reaction

Golden State Warriors fans are not happy with the new uniforms as it was an unnecessary thing and adds nothing new to the team. It is nothing but kind of a cash grab to sell new merchandise. The new uniforms don’t represent San Francisco properly as it is trying to infuse Oakland into it too. It is basically the same design with just touch-ups and the look is totally flawed.