Warriors vs Clippers NBA 2020

NBA free agency deals have changed the power rankings of teams, and now anything can happen in the next season. LA Clippers were nowhere close in 2019 and yet for the NBA 2020 finals, and now they are at the top. Golden State Warriors made to the finals for five straight years and yet they are neglected from the contender’s list.

But a new prediction network called FiveThirtyEight has projected the Warriors have better chances than the Clippers for a title. Kevin Durant has left the Warriors, and the team is kind of broken. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have formed the power duo for Clippers that can even beat James Davis in Lakers. Here is what the NBA predictions have to say and the credibility of it.

Predictions for next NBA Title

Kevin Durant Warriors Clippers Leonard NBA Finals Predictions

As per the site called FiveThirtyEight, the Warriors have 10 percent chance to win the NBA 2020 trophy. On the other hand, it has predicted the Clippers have only a 2 percent chance to win. The site has predicted that the Warriors are not the team and there are 3 other teams with a higher chance.

Houston Rockets due to Westbrook-Harden duo and the LA Lakers due to LeBron-Anthony duo are the top two teams. It has even ranked the Philadelphia 76ers higher than the Golden State Warriors. While the future prediction can only be verified in the next finals, we can check their previous reports to know their credibility.

The Method needs Improvement

Kevin Durant Warriors Clippers Leonard NBA prediction Improvement

Before the 2019 NBA finals, the FiveThirtyEight site predicted that the finals would be played between the Warriors and the Raptors. While it was right for that, it was also wrong as it said the Warriors would win the title. One can say that there was no way to predict the injuries of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.


It means that there are 50-50 chances for the said thing to happen. The Warriors team have Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and D’Angelo Russel which can beat the Clippers having Kawhi Leonard. Only time will tell which team lifts the cup for NBA 2020 finals.