God of War 2

David Jaffe, the creator of God of War the mythology-based action-adventure video game is now commemorating its one year anniversary since inception. To mark the event, PlayStation released a limited edition God of War theme this, however, contains a teaser for “God of War 2.”

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The new dynamic PS4 theme not only contains gratifying visuals but some easter egg’s too. According to GOW fans on Reddit they have uncovered a hidden message within the theme itself. The theme shows Kratos and Arteus in their boat, on the boat, there is text in Nordic runes which translate to “Ragnarok is coming”. This directly symbolizes God of War 2 is on its way.

God of War 2

The company hasn’t followed up on this yet but considering that God Of War is such a financial powerhouse a reboot is guaranteed by the developer. The game acts as a huge cash cow for the company. GOW has won countless awards and given the developer astonishing sale’s figures.
A sequel is imminent.

Cory Barlog director for GOW also responded to this discovery on Twitter with a ‘shocked ‘ emoji. So is he shocked that the message was found out? or is he teasing something else? only he can say.

Another clue as to which the sequel is on the cards is that Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has put up a job listing, seeking game writers to join the team and write narrative driven content for the game.

We very well could hear some sort of official announcement in the coming days. As the game is PS4 exclusive the sequel to this game will make its way to PS5.

God of War is an impeccable game it is pretty much close to perfection we do not have a concrete release date, but perfection doesn’t happen overnight. Right?