Goblin Slayer 2 release date

We’re all already six months into this year but all news about the second season of Goblin Slayer is still pretty rare. There have been many clues about its plot for the next installment after the announcement of the film: Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown.

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‘Goblin Slayer’ Season 2: Plot

‘Goblin Slayer’ Season 2- Plot

The story of chapter 6 of Goblin Slayer has been the same as the film. The second season of Goblin Slayer will not narrate the story of the Noble Fencer as the film shall cover that plotline, as reported by MonsterAndCritics.

Narrowing the possibilities down, the second season of Goblin Slayer will also open with the arc of Harvest Festival where everything begins peacefully. This wouldn’t last very long as the new villain Dark Elf is set to bring terror to the Frontier Town citizens.

‘Goblin Slayer’ Season 2: Predictions

‘Goblin Slayer’ Season 2- Predictions

Just like any other anime, it’s revealed by the villain that he has planned to use the inhabitants of the town to summon a monster who has existed for millions of years. However, his plans will get smashed by a battle that formed during the death of Dark Elf, thanks to Elf Archer and Orcbolg.

Before we deal with the last blow, the antagonist will have a realization this is the same party that didn’t make his Water Town plans come to life. The second season of Goblin Slayer will also see our main guy taking on more contracts that are beyond his expertise. He’s likely to expand Heavy Warrior and Spearman. After Dark Elf’s Defeat, the whole plot may transition to Temple of Doom where necromancers and demons.

‘Goblin Slayer’ Season 2: Release Date

Regards to the season two release date of Goblin Slayer, we are yet to hear anything from White Fox. Presumed to come out next year initially, the released date of the second entry is for now muffled up. However, some are still hoping that Attack on Titan will release in 2020, which sounds ideal enough to give animators their time to finish it up nicely.