After a rare type of cloud showed up in the sky over Turkey, Gillian Anderson said, “God is a woman.”

One of life’s simple pleasures is to sit back and watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset as the sky changes from blue to orange and pink.

Staring up at the sky can be very beautiful, and sometimes you just have to take a picture of it.

This is what people in Bursa, Turkey, saw on Thursday, January 19, when they looked up at the sky in the morning and saw a beautiful sunrise.

After people posted pictures of the beautiful colors and one especially interesting cloud on social media, many people agreed that the cloud looked like a woman’s genitalia, which, let’s face it, it does.

A Twitter user tagged actress Gillian Anderson, who stars in the popular Netflix show Sex Education, in the picture. Gillian Anderson, who is 54 years old, then said what she thought about the cloud.

Gillian Anderson, who seemed to agree that the cloud looked like a vagina, said:

Now if that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is […] (That God is a woman).

She also used the hashtag #YoniOfTheUniverse. This was a reference to her character in Sex Education, who talks about a Yoni, which is a Sanskrit word in Hinduism and the symbol of the goddess Shakti. It is said to show feminine generative power.

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Some of Anderson’s fans wrote in the comments that the strange-looking cloud could be a UFO, citing her work on the X-Files.

Someone even changed the cloud picture and added the caption:

The truth is out there,

which could be referencing UFOs or the claim that God is indeed a woman.

But, according to a source, Turkey’s State Meteorological Service was there to tell people who were guessing what the cloud was that it was a rare “lenticular cloud.”

Most of the time, clouds form in the winter because of strong changes in the wind over water and mountains.

Even though scientists explained why the cloud looked the way it did, some Twitter users still made jokes about it. For example, one user made the joke:

I should call her.

It would hurt anyone going through a hard breakup that even nature won’t give them a moment of peace.