For any woman, going through pregnancy and childbirth is a difficult task. The physical pressure and stress of carrying around a child for nine months, feeding and growing them, and then giving birth may be extremely damaging to the body. Many males don’t always comprehend that. They frequently do not understand what it genuinely means for a woman to experience labour and delivery.


Some relationships may be strained as a result of this fact.

When a husband, boyfriend, or other partner does not completely understand what it means to be pregnant and have to carry a baby about every day, it can have a significant influence on marriage and a relationship.


Not to mention the difficulty of labour and delivery.

In addition to giving birth to a complete human, we also need to deal with postpartum recovery. The labour and delivery process is difficult for the body, regardless of whether a woman gives birth vaginally or via C-section.


Recent comments made by a woman’s lover to injure her during labour were shared on TikTok.

During the course of her labour and delivery, her boyfriend said a couple of things to her that really surprised her and nearly sent her over the brink, according to @georgia.devereux on TikTok.


He began by griping about the bathroom.

First, her boyfriend complained that his legs couldn’t fit in the hospital toilet. She admitted that the anaesthetic she received during labour had rendered her legs numb. She undoubtedly had it far worse.


Then he declared that he desired a bath.

He expressed his desire to take a bath while in labour. He certainly couldn’t, though, since he was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his child. The TikTok user would probably enjoy a bath as well. But she was too preoccupied with delivering a baby.


Then he grumbled about the baby’s weight.

He began to remark that their son is “really extremely heavy” as he held him. Of course, his partner is aware of this since she has been carrying the child for the past nine months.


He even claimed to have slept “no sleep.”

Even worse, her lover had the audacity to lament the previous night’s lack of sleep. This girlfriend had evidence that he slept well, as did their infant, but she very certainly did not.


He concludes by saying, “We did it.”

This naturally set her off because guys aren’t typically involved in labour and delivery. She actually completed it. You didn’t push that baby out; she did.


He startled many people online with his comments.

Some people indicated they would be “infuriated” if they had heard that after giving birth. Apparently, this TikTok user “deserved considerably better” than what this guy was providing her, according to another.


Others thought the sarcasm was brilliant.

She obviously intended the TikTok video to mock her lover rather than express her displeasure, calling him out in the clip. She wasn’t there to lash out at him, and many people appreciated her wit.


Some people, though, didn’t agree with the TikTok user.

“No, “we did”; he assisted in the conception and helped me through my entire pregnancy and labour. We succeeded in doing it; we had our girls at the same time “On the post, one TikTok user left a comment.