Most parents have to tell their kids lies to get them to change their behavior, stop a public meltdown, or get out of a tough conversation. They might say, “The candy store is closed,” if they shouldn’t have as much candy, or “Storks deliver babies,” if they aren’t ready to explain how babies are made. It may seem to mean lying to your kids, but sometimes it’s the only way to stop fights or meltdowns. Even though being honest is important if you want your child to trust you, it’s okay to lie sometimes, especially if it helps you with discipline.

You’ve probably told your kids some of these common lies at some point: Santa only gives presents to good kids; we sent the family pet to your uncle’s farm; broccoli makes you taller. It’s perfectly fine to play pretend with your kids. So it’s okay for parents to tell their kids about Santa or the Tooth Fairy. But these smart parents didn’t just tell their kids the usual white lies that most parents do. They did more than play Pinocchio; they did it so well that these could be called clever parenting hacks.


Parents tell their clever “white lies” that could be mistaken for great parenting tips.


These wise parents are happy to tell you about their tried-and-true tricks for raising kids. You can learn a thing or two from this funny Twitter thread, of course. We chose the best and funniest lies that parents have told their kids that could be used as helpful parenting tips.