Game of Thrones Season 8 is just around the corner with the promise of a shocking and bittersweet ending. With less than two months left for the final season to air, a lot of theories are being predicted. And these predictions mostly have to do with the characters’ deaths. So, let’s begin with the list of characters who are most likely to die in Game of Thrones season 8 and how!

1. Will Lord Varys manipulate his way out?

Lord Varys is the only power player/ manipulator who has survived till Game of Thrones Season 8. He has served under the rule of many such as Robert Baratheon, Daenerys Targaryen, The Mad King, and even Joffrey Baratheon. He has made his way through his diplomatic talks and networks.

But the last two Game of Thrones seasons have hinted that Varys’ journey might come to an end. There have been a lot of speculations that Lord Varys might backstab Daenerys. In the sixth season, Red Priestess Kinvara threatens him by saying that as long as he in Dany’s friend, he has nothing to fear from her. Also, in the seventh season, Daenerys threatens him to burn him alive if he betrays her. Melisandre also made a prophecy to him by saying, “Oh, I will return, dear spider…one last time…I have to die in this strange country, just like you.”

2. Will Melisandre survive in Game of Thrones season 8?

Melisandre has done her part of the crimes in the past seasons; all in the name of prophecies. But, she still remains a mystery. Especially about her age and her real identity. She did bring Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen together to join their forces though. And she also might have a bigger role in Game of Thrones Season 8. But, her death remains certain, as she had predicted herself.

3. Beric Dondarrion’s last death?

According to the books, Beric dies to ultimately bring back Lady Stoneheart. In Game of Thrones Season 8, he might die to bring back someone else. Of course, we don’t know who that person is. But, he still has an important role to play in the upcoming season of GoT.

4. Cersei Lannister and her list of enemies

Cersei might just be the most hated character of GoT. And her death is almost inevitable. If the Valonqar (little brother in High Valyrian)  prophecy comes true, she will meet her death at the hands of either Tyrion or Jamie. And both have equal chances of killing her. Tyrion has always hated her and Jamie is slowly drifting away from her. But, Arya Stark has also put Cersei’s name on the list and she might just cross it off in Game of Thrones Season 8.

5. The Mountain vs The Hound

After Qyburn’s weird experiment on the Mountain, he has become an unstoppable zombie monster. Gregor Clegane might meet his fate at the hands of his brother, Sandor Clegane, a.k.a, The Hound. And fans have been waiting for a brother vs brother fight scene forever.

6. Euron Greyjoy’s role in Game of Thrones season 8

Euron’s Character was introduced in the show in the sixth season of GoT and of course, he was the villain. By the end of the seventh season, he had captured Yara Greyjoy as his prisoner. Although Theon Greyjoy fled from the scene, he has now redeemed himself. So we can expect a deadly duel between Theon and his uncle in Game of Thrones season 8.

7. Which sibling will survive in Game of Thrones season 8? Theon or Yara Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy had redeemed himself in front of the Ironborn and ultimately joined forces with them. They were last seen to be headed to rescue Yara. We don’t know if he will be able to rescue Yara from Euron or not. For all we know, Euron might have laid a trap for Theon. Any of the siblings’ death in this rescue mission is inevitable in Game of Thrones season 8.

Although there are many more characters who might die in Game of Thrones Season 8, these were the top 7. All we can do is wait for the bittersweet GoT ending that George R.R. Martin has promised us.

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