Game of Thrones prequel GOT spin-off

The Game of Thrones prequel is possibly under production, and while HBO is yet to confirm the plot of the spin-off, George R.R.Martin has confirmed that there are already two shows under development. So, let’s look at three possible plot lines for the upcoming spin-offs.

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The Long Night (Bloodmoon)

Casey Bloys, the programming president of HBO, confirmed that a prequel would be made after Game of Throne season 8 ends. Comic Book had reported that the production has already started this month. And as of now, the working title of the prequel will be Bloodmoon.

But, Martin wanted the prequel to be called The Long Night. But, if you remember, the third episode of Game of Thrones season 8 was also named the same. Apparently, the Game of Thrones prequel is about the beginning of terror by the Night King and the army of the dead.

Aegon Targaryen’s conquest

Screen Rant reported that the story of Aegon Targaryen’s conquest would be shown in the GOT prequel. The event took place 300 years ago before the battle for the Iron Throne took place. And the story has been mentioned quite several times in the show. So, it would be great for the fans to know about the backstory of the plot of Game of Thrones.

The Game of Thrones prequel can show the story of The Wall

The Wall has always been considered as the ultimate form of protection against the wights. But, we all saw how that turned out. There have been many mentions of how Bran the Builder actually built The Wall. He took the help of the giants and also the Children of the Forest. So, it is quite possible that the prequel might show the story of this important milestone.

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