Game of Thrones leak ending

Game of Thrones Season 8 and controversy seem to be going hand in hand this Summer, from dark episodes to stupid storylines. The final season of Game of Thrones has done more harm than good to the makers and HBO.

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While all the first 4 episodes of Game of Thrones were leaked in one way or another, the latest leaks are about script details for last two episodes. If the ending is supposed to happen as per those leaks, Fans all over the world will hate Game of Thrones.

What is the new Game of Thrones Leak?

Game of Thrones leak ending

Recently, someone on Reddit leaked the entire detailed script for Game of Thrones Season Episode 5 and 6. It included all the major plot points included the most awaited Game of Thrones Ending.

While there is no way no confirm the leaks until the episode actually Airs, but the same previous leaks from the same user turned out to be true. The leaks explain who will win the war between Dany and Cersei, who sits on the Iron Throne and what happens to Jon Snow.

Fans are angry over the Leaks

Game of Thrones leak ending

Game of Thrones fans who have read the leaks are angry and pissed over the writers. Just to finish the show on time and have shock value, the writers have butchered the story. The character development of 7 Seasons has been totally destroyed and the cheap Jack Sparrow aka Euron Greyjoy is ambushing everyone and killing dragons.

Game of Thrones Future Updates

While the leaks might be true or not, we still have two Episodes remaining in Game of Thrones Season 8 to forward the storyline. Episode 5 might be the biggest of the last Season, with the final battle to take place. It has been the most hyped up episode and might conclude the show and the fate of characters.

One thing we know is for sure that not everyone will like the ending for Game of Thrones, what we can do is hope for the best. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Game of Thrones updates and other news.