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Galaxy S10 biggest alternative is Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 10

With the release of Samsung Galaxy S10 and all rumor comes in, which includes the upcoming Galaxy Note 10, it looks like Samsung is looking at the improvement. Every year, there has been a sharp decline in the performance improvement of the device, storage, and screen sharpness.

With 5G, an improved chipset and 4K display, Samsung Galaxy S10 looks way better than its predecessors. Since there is very little to upgrade and almost every smartphone company can go on matching specs, what can Samsung Galaxy S10 do to enhance their smartphone?

Effective Advertising plans for Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Samsung Galaxy S10

Price has been a massive battleground for all smartphone companies. Much of this goes to stalling sale, people using their devices and holding onto them for longer and models at lower prices like iPhone XR and Galaxy S10e.

It’d be really nice if we get a cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but more significantly, a significant promotion of sales. By giving away the most recent iPhone over to Samsung, you may get $550 in trade-in-value, which is both silly and good.

The trade-in-deals should be extended by Samsung by letting all customers trade in many old devices for money or coupons, just like CeX operate. Customers shall be happy to get rid off their old devices, if that is amounting to any small amount of discount on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung may also extend the Galaxy Note 10 trade deals by making its Galaxy S10 customers trade in their old devices in exchange of coupons. We believe many customers will be extremely happy to get rid of unused devices, especially if it amounts to any small discount.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a Low-Price Repair

Samsung has a Low-Price Repair

Both Samsung and Apple have started to soften their view on repairing devices, thanks to the Right To Repair movement. Apple doesn’t hush customers away, who have made small repairs by themselves. Samsung has also started with the same day repair shops all around the United States.

Samsung may also consider making some inroads into the whole repair community with Galaxy Note 10. This consists of repair advice, kits, and demonstrations, also lowering the high price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is Cheap and Foldable

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

A foldable is also in news to be launched by Samsung this year. This device may also fall in the Note range, which would also make some sense. This new Samsung Galaxy Note foldable could be a great way to have more fresh customers for the company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is easy to get repaired, foldable and comes with huge trade deals. This seems brilliant for Samsung and Galaxy Note 10, but can also be seen as a change of direction in the industry.

Written by Vasu Sharma

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