It doesn’t mean that all the fun in your life has to stop if you’re at college or university. Sometimes the best sources of amusement, entertainment, and great jokes can be professors. You don’t have to trade in your sense of humor for a stern frown just because you start teaching.

We have put together a list of the funniest, witty, and wonderfully wild emails professors have ever sent to their students.

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We had a conversation with Lisa McLendon, the William Allen White Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas.

She said that it depends on the professor and what tone they want to maintain with their students. “Some people feel comfortable with a high level of formality; others chat with students as they would their peers. It depends on the subject, the level of students, and the university,” she said.




Professor McLendon said that some professors have to work harder. “Research has shown that many faculty members from historically marginalized groups need to work harder to establish authority in the classroom, and that may also affect the tone they take with students,” she told.

We wondered how we could get over the fear of sending an email. The professor said that there’s one thing we have to do, and we have to do it well. We should not stress about making mistakes too much.

“But also realize that we are human and humans make the occasional mistake. If you make a factual error, admit it and fix it as soon as possible—people do understand,” she said.


2. A student Emails his professor. The results are amazing.


3. Trial Mix Attack.


There is a balance to be struck when it comes to the amount of communication between professors and their students. “Again, it depends on the subject, the level of students, and the university. Not too much or it’ll get ignored; not too little or people will get disengaged; if long, people won’t read to the end. I usually send my messages a few times a week, to give pieces of information and stay in touch,” McLendon shared.




5. My professor was scared for a second.




We talked about the relationship between humor and the workplace with Ariane Sherine.

The comedy expert said that humor and fun have a positive effect on the people working in the workplace. It keeps them focused on their jobs.

“The more fun you have at work, the more likely you are to want to be at work, so you’re happy to stay for longer and happy to be there in the first place,” the humor expert noted.




8. Professor sent this to my son.




“My last job was a blast, we had loads of fun and it was a really warm, friendly environment so I couldn’t wait to get into work in the mornings,” she revealed a bit about her own professional life.

If an employee feels burned out, they can find it hard to make jokes and see the silver lining in their routine.

“Working in difficult jobs can definitely suck the joy out of life. When I worked in retail I couldn’t wait to leave! Look for the good things. Sometimes that’s just the money and what it buys you, sadly,” Ariane explained.


10. I met my professor on the dating app. This is what he said to me.


11. One Typo in my email was a good laugh and big props to my professor for having such a sense of humor.




“It’s difficult not to take work seriously when it takes up so much of your life, and if it’s impairing your happiness then you need to look for a new job,” she said.

The pros and cons of being an office clown are discussed by the comedy expert. The people who can make a lot of jokes are those who have the best skills.


13. I got an email from my professor. I have ever received the best compliment.


14. My professor sent an email that didn’t do our work.




“Sure, you can be the office clown, but only if you’re really good at your job too. No one’s going to mind you joking around if you’re also acing it at work,” she said that we can afford to be silly if we’re impressing our bosses.

“It’s when it’s detrimental to your work that people start to frown upon it. But I’ve always been the company clown and I’ve found it’s a great way to get through the grind of a workday!”






18. My College Science Teacher.
















26. Facebook friended his professor. This was his response.




28. Email From A Professor At My School.


29. An Accidental Text From My Math Teacher.


30. My physics professor was a bit casual today.