A lot of us have found ourselves in a situation where we can’t remember a word even though it’s been in our heads for a while. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to take your time and remember the word, but some people choose to replace it with something similar. We will show you that it is not always the best idea.

Bone Apple Tea is a subreddit that is altogether devoted to the most entertaining malapropisms (the normally accidentally silly abuses or twists of a word or expression, as per Merriam-Webster) seen in the wild, and its substance demonstrates that since something sounds right, that doesn’t mean it is.


1. Someone Is Selling “Access” On FB.



2. You’re So Eagle Testicle.


3. Incest.


4. They Discuss Them.


5. Snipped It In The Butt.


6. Human Hi-Breads.


7. Armored Dildo.


8. Pedestrian.


9. Cinnamons.


10. You should watch out for those cycle paths.


11. Her… Mating Name?


12. Four Meal Your.


13. 50 Purse Cent.


14. You can laugh yourself thin on this. Is it a lip tickle machine?


15. Cow Zone.


16. Kind A Mints?


17. Mazel Tov Cocktail.


18. Shrimps Camping.


19. Don’t Sell My Nana Please!


20. Caucasian.


21. Please Use Tongues To Pick Pastries.


22. Incest.


23. Use The Hand Fertilizer Please.


24. Egg Corn.


25. Ma nipple ate.


26. Historical laughing.


27. Portal Potties.


28. I Don’t Have Enough Storage For All These Damn Giggle Bites.


29. Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted!


30. Pastrami On A Beagle.