A supermarket is a place where life unfolds in the most natural way. You can sometimes feel like you aren’t shopping, but watching a play, because it captures the human experience so well.

There’s Sam from the Night’s Watch in the lead role of a cashier, competing for the most intense prop design award ever, and a couple getting married in the garden section at a local Walmart. It will make the experience better if you view the store as if it were a Tony Award-winning performance. Take a look at this list of the strangest moments in the history of shopping.

1. “I met this gentleman at the grocery store today and asked if I could take a photo of him.”


2. “My local grocer is getting pretty creative with their soda boxes.”


3. “I was going to buy some chips when I noticed this little guy.”


4. “Made my week.”


5. Just a Brazilian guy with great football skills at a supermart.


6. A guy being a “dad” at a superstore.


7. Doggo assisting hooman.


8. Couple goals be like…


9. “Come Eat With Us, Danny.”


10. “So my grandpa saw wilting plants at Wal-Mart, and started watering them (he is not an employee).”


11. Showdown about to happen at the supermarket.


12. “Damn illegal aliens stealing our jobs.”


13. “Sometimes I like to go to IKEA and pretend I’m in a Swedish arthouse film.”


14. “Saw this guy sleeping in a Bodega in NYC.”


15. Nana doesn’t seem happy about the product.


16. It seems Sam couldn’t make the cut at the Citadel.


17. If you wear the same color shirt as the Apple Store staff, you can recommend phones before they kick you out.


18. “I found this in the seafood department of my local supermarket.”


19. A cat and her lady.


20. If you have the coin, Khajiit has wares.


21. This kid went row to row, just to take selfies.


22. This baby has seen some sh*t at Walmart.


23. “It’s 4 am. This is what I find in Walmart.”


24. “Security tried to get this cat out of my local supermarket. Failed.”


25. “I take my Hedgehog grocery shopping, and no one tells me to stop.”


26. “My local Wal-Mart’s greeter is always playing Guitar or Violin. He’s a cool ‘Person of Wal-Mart’!”


27. This woman brought a Goat to the store.


28. “My kid decided to be an astronaut in IKEA and my mom followed suit.”


29. “This monk just stopped me and my dog in the store to tell me that my dog reminded him of a picture he’d seen.”


30. She was destined for this job.