There was a lot of panic among citizens when the countries closed their borders to travelers because of the Pandemic.

Japan is the most famous example. Japanese people panicked when they heard that all of their toilet paper was made in China. Japan produces its own toilet paper, but there was a rumor that made people buy more than they needed, and that caused a toilet paper shortage.

In the United Kingdom, there is a similar situation, but it is not toilet paper. The UK is experiencing a shortage of fuel because people are buying it in insane amounts even if they don’t need it because they fear that they won’t be able to get it any later. There is a serious problem with people on the internet and this has led to many memes being born.


1. You have to love British humor.


2. This got a bigger laugh than expected.


3. This one’s funny.


4. Phil McCann sounds like “Fill my can”.


5. Hope they have a lot of air freshener as well.


6. Best strategy.


7. Take back the control!


8. Quite amusing.


9. This guy’s getting a lot of chicks.


10. Now that is some serious bling.


11. Quite apt.


12. At least he’s not filling up plastic bags.


13. All Jimmy wanted was to fill up his tank!


14. “Because I like my car to have enough fuel to get me to the toilet roll wholesalers…”


15. Best version of this meme yet?


16. As usual the Simpsons calls it again.


17. And drive it like Fred Flintstone?


18. They take their petrol very seriously.


19. One… step… beyond!


20. Childhood memories of a car.


21. LIAR! That’s an electric car.


22. Point to be noted!


23. And the winner is certified _______.


24. Reality is sometimes better than fiction any day.


25. Illegal containers, illegal quantity, prosecute the idiot and he might learn!


26. Mad Max. Hilarious!


27. Too much of that sort of “fuel” lets you forget the petrol crisis.


28. Need to try this one out!


29. Really funny.


30. Online grocery shopping wins!