Mistakes are almost inevitable if you’ve ever tried out your hair. Many things can go wrong if you’re dyeing it. The hair dye bottle can explode and cover your bathroom in pink if you’re allergic to the product, or your head can turn into a watermelon if you’re allergic to the product. It’s pretty crazy.

We compiled a list of the funniest hair dye fails ever in order to show you the possible side effects of Dennis Rodman. Tell us if you’ve experienced this in the comments.


1. Do you think my grandma would notice that I dyed my hair?


People can face different challenges if they’re dyeing their hair for different reasons, according to Peter Regan, a hairdresser in Manchester city center, UK. “If the goal for coloring hair is to cover greys, then the main challenge is choosing the correct color,” he told. “Most domestic tints turn out darker than expected. For example, mid-brown which is a common color used at home, when looked at on a color chart looks to the untrained viewer very nearly black.”

“If the goal is to make a statement, then the appropriateness of color is the biggest challenge.”

Hairstylist and colorist Jahlesa Taylor thinks “the biggest challenges when coloring your hair yourself is being able to see your whole head, and timing things properly, especially when you’re doing touch-ups.”

“When I have clients who need me to correct a color that they did themselves, the majority of the damage/unevenness is in the back and I know it’s because we can’t see back there properly, even with a mirror,” the professional who works in Lauderhill, Florida, told. “Proper color application requires an understand of timing, as well as an understanding of tones and undertones, and many people think they can just spread the color or lightener all over their head and it will balance out in the end.”


2. The girl used a plastic bag to keep the heat in. Her hair is now dyed with the logo from the bag.


3. Allergic To Hair Dye.


Color blocking is popular again. “Personally, I’m a huge fan! Sometimes you want a little pop of color in the front or a little peek of color in the back and the color blocking method allows you to have fun without the commitment or responsibility that comes with a total hair makeover.”

Regan, the author of The Hair Colour Book: A Practical Guide To The Theory Of Colouring Hair, noted that salons have been closed in most places as the trends haven’t evolved like they usually do. Balayage is a kind of freehand painting on the hair that caught his attention.

If you can’t decide on the color of your hair, you might want to take it slow. “Whatever looks people are thinking about applying to their hair, they should understand a few things,” Regan said. “Firstly, domestic hair color will only lift about 2 levels and if they have artificial color on their hair then it cannot be made lighter using a tint, only bleach can lighten existing dye.”


4. I Accidentally dyed my hair orange and then Accidentally dressed like a bag of oranges.


5. My Roommate Is Now A Smurf.


6. I didn’t notice that my glove broke while I was dyeing my friend’s hair.


“If it says lightener or something similar on the box, then it is most likely a bleach of some description and must be handled very carefully,” the hairdresser stressed. “If their hair is partially grown out then the dye will react differently on the virgin hair then it will on the previously colored hair.”

“Also, make sure that you do a skin compatibility test at least 2 days prior to applying hair dye – this is important as it is about safety.” Many people skip this step, judging from the pics.


7. My friend’s child got into her hair dye before she woke up.


8. Guess Who’s Severely Allergic To Hair Dye?


9. I told her to wash her hair after dyeing it.


When people want to use a semi-permanent color, they should check the following. Is it possible to mix two things together? It is not a true semi-permanent color if the answer is yes.

“One of the ingredients will be a developer (hydrogen peroxide). This will either be a permanent color or a quasi-color which is supposed to fade off the hair but in my experience is almost permanent,” the hairdresser said. “True semi-permanent hair color is pre-mixed in a single bottle and lasts about 6-8 washes.”

“There’s little point in looking at photographs showing a color that is a long way away from the person’s natural color as it would be too difficult for them to create at home.”


10. I only share this for educational purposes. She Bleached her hair at home and then put a relaxer on it. Her hair is growing out.


11. Today I Learned That Hair Dye Smudges.


12. I Think My Mom Is Allergic To Hair Coloring.


If you like your bathroom, you should not dye your hair in it. Some of the people on the list would agree. The whole thing is likely to get messy.

“Always change your pillowcase for an old one for the first few days after coloring,” Regan added. “It’s likely that you haven’t washed all of the residues off the hair. Red is the worst color for this.”

Don’t be pressed for time, have everything you need, and be comfortable with unexpected results. Good luck!


13. My friend had an allergic reaction to hair dye. The picture on the left is what she usually looks like.


14. Purple Dye Disaster.

On the other hand, I was purple and we were going out later. It was hilarious on the other.


15. Before applying everywhere, hair dye says to test it on a small spot. There was a bad allergic reaction.


16. My Bottle Hair Dye Just Exploded.


17. My Wife Colored Her Hair Yesterday.


18. What My Hair Looked Like – What I Asked For – And How It Turned Out.


19. My friend’s little brother had an allergic reaction to hair dye.