While churches in Europe are known for their historical value and architecture, the ones in America are known for their funny and clever church signs.

Similar as a store would review a shameless message on their walkway A-casing to tempt individuals strolling by to come inside, chapels utilize silly marquees to attempt to attract possible devoted to fill their seats – or, occasionally, just to put a grin all over who could require it. The trendier the joke, the almost certain they are to engage youthful crowds.

One of the latest trends to hit social media is posting pictures of church signs. We give them major points for creativity because we don’t agree with everything they say. Check out the best of the best church sign sayings, and see which ones deserve the most praise.


1. Two Dads.


2. Terms & Conditions.


3. Details Inside.


4. Tables. Not Fences.


5. Christian Oxymoron.


6. Praying And Listening.


7. Enough Already.


8. Anticipated Traffic.


9. Hot In Hell.


10. Best Version Of Yourself.



11. Texting While Driving.



12. Preferences Of God.



13. Love Everyone.


14. Christian Puns.


15. Forgive Your Enemies.


16. Fruit vs. Nuts.


17. Christian Puns.


18. Smoking Hot.


19. Tweet Advice.


20. Dad Joke Marquee.


21. Dissing The President.


22. Once A Year.


23. Undocumented Refugee.


24. Recipe For Holy Water.


25. Noah, The Brave.


26. God’s Creations.


27. Teenager Bible Version.


28. Hot As Hell.


29. Satan Called.


30. Jesus Is Watching.