It can be hard to tell everyone what you think. “How should I say this?” “Do I include that? Is this sharing?” There are many doubts about that share button.

Some people are immune to them. Every thought crosses their mind. They can be anyone. It’s not possible to keep up with parents complaining about their kids, celebrities interacting with fans, or everyday people talking about their lives.

Here’s a collection of tweets by some people who decided to get personal on the internet. Too personal!


1. Good step.



2. They struggle with English.


3. Hits right in the feels.

Hits right in the feels


4. Genius indeed.


5. The best of both worlds.


6. Good to know that life makes sense for him.


7. The algorithm love.


8. You guys seriously got a tutorial?!


9. She’s so right.


10. This applies as well.


11. This one really hit home.


12. Yep.


13. Here’s what wisdom looks like.


14. A true blessing.


15. A family that looks after elders.


16. Religion.


17. Anxiety be like…


18. Not going to be mad.


19. Right on!


20. This is supposed to be important.


21. Do they?


22. Just a life hack.


23. Hold on… wait!


24. Just consider it once.


25. What a yearly highlight!


26. Pretty sure he brewed his own coffee as well.


27. A firm handshake has the potential to open up doors.


28. Is this real?


29. Why not both of them?


30. Which breed does he belong to?


31. Top quality stuff.


32. Good boy!


33. Prepare to get… shrecked!


34. This guy needs about 8 months of tips.


35. All universities should consider offering this.