Art in all forms and shapes and makes people wonder about things. What is considered a good piece of art? It might be a different thing for each individual. The artist and their personality, talent, and work are all affected by the memories or feelings of the painting. One of the people who can confirm that is Hercule Van Wolfwinkle.

The artist known as Hercule Van Wolfwinkle started his career a year ago when he was drawing with his kid. He didn’t know that his painting would change a lot.


1. A chonk with spaghetti legs.


2. Kinda looks like Batman.


3. Them knobbly knees though.


4. That’s a little bit creepy.


5. A cat from a different universe.


6. This is adorable.


7. Yep. Stretch the doggo.


8. This one’s cute.


9. Lockdowns be like.


10. Pretty accurate.


11. What’s with the tail?


12. Cool and in control.


13. The skateboard is perfect!


14. Reminds us of the lickitung pokemon.


15. Very 80’s hairstyle.


16. Doggo just chillin’.


17. Please read all instructions before assembling your puppy.


18. Up, up, and away!


19. The yellow underpants though.


20. He looks like he has Peter Griffin’s chin on his head in the original.


21. Very smart!


22. His yellow undies go all the way up to his armpits!


23. Doggos truly are just land Seals.


24. It looks like Sid from Ice Age.


25. Seven fingers on that hand!


26. Seems like this doggo is melting.


27. It’s like a sheep sniffing its own butt.


28. Bob Ross? More like Dog Ross.


29. Where’s the stick?


30. That hand is mildly terrifying.