There is a round-up of secondhand embarrassment and it can be found on the subreddit r/facepalm


1. This seems foolproof.


2. That’s a big brain right there.


3. *palm slaps the forehead*


4. That’s a patty cake facepalm moment.


5. Woah!


6. That’s definitely a facepalm moment.


7. We stray from god each day that passes.


8. At least the straws are banned.


9. Absolute high IQ destruction!


10. Someone’s being salty.


11. She sounds nice though.


12. “Public school”


13. The day Biology died.


14. The entitlement though.


15. Who even came up with this logic?


16. Only round cards accepted.


17. Salmonella is a delicacy indeed.


18. Just a Monday, probably.


19. He’s da rule breaka!


20. That’s definitely a “No”.


21. Some Karmic casualties.


22. It was never supposed to be like this.


23. It’s the premarital third eye.


24. It’s a messed-up moment when the Dictionary snaps back.


25. They don’t seem to be afraid of commitment.


26. Apparently, birds aren’t real.